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Love Letter with View

Our Love Letter with a View room is a gem for the friends of love letters. Sleep and get inspired in the room decorated with a large window giving you a magnificent view straight into the pulsating city. The bright, impressive Love Letter with a View room is equipped with love letters and will carry you away from everyday duties. Throw yourself into the world of grand emotions in the comfort of your soft bed and enjoy the panoramic city views over Jätkäsaari in this splendid and unique hotel room – one like no other you will find anywhere else.

The room’s bookshelf has a selection of the most famous love letters in history. An atelier for the friends of grand emotions and love stories, the room helps you relax with the perfect combination of quality and the eternal theme of love. Get inspired and perhaps write a love letter that will change your life! 

Relax and enjoy while surrounded by a beautiful art experience

Unique art is a part of Hotel Ax experience, both in the common areas and in the interior design of the rooms. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed by Joutsen’s luxury down duvet and bedding, while the bathroom is equipped with carefully chosen Dermosil Juuri bath and skin care products with natural ingredients. A hairdryer is also provided for your convenience. 

All our rooms offer a coffee and tea selection and a water boiler. You can also order a minibar selection of your desired theme.

Additional services can be pre-ordered depending on availability.

My love,

Not a day has gone without thinking of the comfort of your arms around me.
It is nothing but torture trying to focus at work as my mind is a hostage to your beauty. Your grace, your kindness, your smell, your mind.
My love for you is the only meaning for my existence I know of.
I long for your company so much that my heart will burst.
I’m counting the days until your arrival.
When you’re mine all will be well.


Room features

  • A selection of unforgettable love letters through centuries
  • A soft Familon bed with Joutsen's luxury down duvets and pillows
  • Lovely Dermosil Juuri bath products with natural ingredients
  • Coffee and tea selection and a water boiler for the relaxing moments