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Corner Studio

The luxurious Corner Studio room is the new favourite place for rest and inspiration for the friends of fairytales. The gorgeous Corner combines two hotel rooms, and you can even invite your friends to enjoy a lovely art hotel experience together. Corner Studio’s stylish living room offers a vibrant city view from the top floors of the hotel through an elegant, large corner window, while the separate bedroom is the perfect spot for rest and relaxation. The spacious and bright Corner offers you a chance to invite your friends along to enjoy the unique art hotel experience, as it accommodates as much as of four people.

Unwind in the world of magic and stories in the comfort of your soft bed while enjoying the panoramic city views over Jätkäsaari in this splendid and unique hotel room – one like no other you will find anywhere else.

The room’s bookshelf offers you carefully picked stories for all likings. The Corner Studio room is an atelier for the friends of luxury and fairytales, where relaxation and fairytales combine in a truly unique way.

Relax and enjoy while surrounded by a beautiful art experience

Unique art is a part of Hotel Ax experience, both in the common areas and in the interior design of the rooms. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed by Joutsen’s luxury down duvet and bedding, while the bathroom is equipped with carefully chosen Dermosil Juuri bath and skin care products with natural ingredients. A hairdryer is also provided for your convenience. 

All our rooms offer a coffee and tea selection and a water boiler. You can also order a minibar selection of your desired theme.

Additional services can be pre-ordered depending on availability.

Once upon a time there was a tiny little island.

The tiny little island was home to tiny little people of tiny clever minds. The tiny little people had quite the grand riches. They had collected the rare and precious – though ironically named – Commoners’ Gold from the depths of the bay they had settled in. And with the gold they had built a kingdom and a culture of extravagance.

As the stories of the tiny little people of quite the grand riches travelled around the world many others grew fascinated of the island. Soon the tiny little people weren’t the only habitants of the island anymore. The island evolved and grew through the times but the extravagant culture suppressed. No more castles were built with the Commoners’ Gold. No more celebrations were held. And soon the tiny little people disappeared completely. 

It is told now, in the stories told by the families who have lived on the island the longest, that from time to time one can spot a tiny little person standing on the southernmost point of the island pissing in the sea wind. And for the ones lucky enough to see this with their own eyes it is said to bring the luck worth of thousands of tons in Commoners’ Gold.

Room features

  • The gorgeous and spacious two-room Fairytale Corner offers a vibrant city view from the top floors of the hotel through an elegant, large corner window
  • A selection of the most loved and fascinating fairy tales
  • A soft Familon bed with Joutsen's luxury down duvets and pillows
  • Lovely Dermosil Juuri bath products with natural ingredients
  • Coffee and tea selection and a water boiler for the relaxing moments