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Niki Matheson

Executive Director of Tanssin talo

Niki Matheson is the executive director of Tanssin talo, which opened in February 2022. He has a significant work history in art, culture and event industry – for example, he has worked with Finland’s largest art festival, Helsingin juhlaviikot. Before Tanssi talo, Matheson was the CEO of the Culture Factory Korjaamo.

“A career in art and events is a dream come true. Working for creative artists, live performances and enthusiastic audiences is hugely exciting.”

Tanssi talo is Finland’s first performance and event center dedicated to dance, located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, where you can see a wide range of different dance, circus and other cultural events all year round. 

Seasons of AX: Strange Unknown

Art is not only pieces that can be found in art museums. It’s the kind of thing that makes your skin crawl and your heart skip a beat. Art can be anything and anywhere – it can be something surprising and unprecedented. Step outside the box and meet a stranger.

Olo n:o 22 / Pasi Karjula, Marko Vuokola (2000)

The glittering balls around Hietalahti seem to have rolled into place as if out of nowhere. You can find them randomly along the paths, next to the harbor basin and even in the courtyard of a residential building. From the silver balls, you can watch the reflections drawn on them from different directions and also your own image reflected in it. The balls of the work Olo no. 22 are part of the collection of public artworks of the city of Helsinki.



00180 Helsinki

Pohjoistuulen metsä –photo exhibition

The photo exhibition called Pohjoistuulen metsä (eng.North Wind forest) takes you directly to the souls of Finns. The pictures exude the scents of the forest and the sounds and the timeline of eternity. 

The exhibition makes us think about the diversity of the forest and human’s relationship with nature in a world where it is hard to find an untouched forest in its natural state. Photographers Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo have explored the forest before, and this exhibition is the third part of their forest trilogy. As the forest answers when you call to it, goes a Finnish proverb. In other words, you will be treated the way you treat others. Let’s take care of nature.


Finnish Museum of Photography, Kämp Gallery,

Mikonkatu 1

00100 Helsinki


Pohjoistuulen metsä

Love & Anarchy by Thierry Noir (1994)

The French street artist Thierry Noir, who became famous as a painter of the Berlin Wall, created a colorful mural in the gate corridor of the cultural center called Kaapelitehdas when he visited the Love & Anarchy film festival in 1994. The work has been allowed to rest for years in peace from vandals. It serves as a colorful symbol for Finland’s largest and most versatile cultural center.


Kaapeliaukio 3

00180 Helsinki

Sauna in the Lonna island

The people of Helsinki value the tradition of public saunas. The magical atmosphere of the sauna, the relaxing effect and the conversations with fellow sauna members attract city bathers, especially on weekends. A fairly new sauna can be found on the island of Lonna, between Kauppator and Suomenlinna.

The wood-heated loft-style sauna, which is only open in the summer season, was designed by architect’s office OOPIA and can be reached in 10 minutes by connecting boat. You should confirm your sauna shift in advance on Lonna’s website.


Lonna island

00190 Helsinki



Katajanokka carpet pier

A slowly disappearing summer tradition, carpet washing, is still possible in various parts of Helsinki. Piers floating on the sea can still be found in a few places, although actual carpet cleaners are seen less and less. The classic carpet cleanser called mäntysuopa is a by-product of the Finnish forest industry. Its scent derived from pine oil is a smell of cleanliness familiar to most Finns from their childhood homes. On the Katajanokka carpet pier, you may also hear the roar of lions; on the opposite shore is Korkeasaari Zoo.



00160 Helsinki

Seasons of AX